Workplan for updating job descriptions

Developing research leadership in the arts and humanities is a core element of the Leadership Fellows scheme.In framing your proposal you will need to clearly articulate a set of research leadership activities which demonstrate how you will develop or enhance your leadership role, and make clear how these activities enhance the transformational potential of your research and its broader influence and importance.

The precise nature of the research questions, issues or problems, approaches to the research and outputs of the work may vary considerably, embracing basic, strategic and applied research.The research questions, issues, problems, methods and/or approaches may range from intellectual questions that require critical, historical or theoretical investigation, to practical issues or problems that require other approaches such as testing, prototyping, experimental development and evaluation.The outputs of the research may include, for example, monographs, editions or articles; electronic data, including sound or images; performances, films or broadcasts; or exhibitions.These sections contain standard rules and policies, which normally apply to all schemes.However, anything noted for a particular scheme will supersede the rule or policy in subsequent sections.

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