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It is the Short Text version, giving the date of its writing '1413', in its 97th folio, third and fourth lines as: 'Anno domini millesimo. It was purchased at the Lord Amherst Sale in 1910, becoming British Library Additional 37,790.

ere es Avisioun Schewed Be the goodenes of god to Ade=/uoute womann. In the whilk visyoun Er fulle many Comfortabylle wordes and/ gretly Styrrande to alle thaye that desyres to be crystes loovers.

ffor the fyrste come to my mynde with devocoun me thought/ I hadde grete felynge in the passyou n of cryste Botte 3itte I desyrede/ to haue mare be the grace of god. 188-223.perhaps the Lincoln/York Carmelite Richard Misyn writing, as the manuscript states, circa 1435, for the anchoress Margaret Heslyngton.

me thought I wolde haue bene This first folio is tantalizingly marred by a repair, a strip of paper pasted to its edge taking the place of now lost annotations. We know that the anchoress Emma Stapleton (whose father, Sir Miles Stapleton, fought, like Chaucer's Knight, at Alexandria, and who, as the executor of Isabelle, Countess of Suffolk, would have known Julian of Norwich), had for her spiritual director the Carmelite Adam Hemlyngton, D.

As with the Westminster Cathedral and British Library Amherst Manuscripts the Norwich Castle Manuscript (Norwich Castle 158.926/4g.5), is a florilegium of contemplative and catechetical texts. notes that the 'Treatise on the Seven Deadly Sins' is written by Richard Lavenham, O.

However the Norwich Castle Manuscript is written in a deliberate bookhand with differently formed thorns, w's, s's and y's to those of Amherst's corrector, the h's and ff's having different descenders. 'Melting into God the English Way: Deification in the Middle English Version of Marguerite Porete's Mirouer des simples ames enienties '. An amateurish drawing on the final folio of a mother and child where the mother is cross-nimbed, the cross made from three great nails, but not the child.

The scribes of the two manuscripts are clearly not the same but their layout is similar, as if the writer of the Norwich Castle Manuscript had had the employment of the scribe of the Amherst Manuscript, perhaps for the production of a book for one Emma Stapleton who would later become an enclosed anchoress with the Carmelites in Norwich.

Both manuscript texts begin, not with thorn, but with TH.

Indeed we have such texts preserved now at Uppsala and Oxford, created within the Brigittine circle in Norwich, Lincoln, York and Vadstena before and for the founding of Syon Abbey, concerning the canonizations of Birgitta, Catherine, her daughter, Petrus Olavi, Archbishop of York, Richard Scrope, and Richard Rolle.

Likewise, Birgitta of Sweden had continued writing versions of her Showing, her , from the age of forty through her seventieth year.

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