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Take a walk through the well maintained hardwood forest to the large beaver pond located in the far corner of the property and youll immediately notice the ideal deer and wildlife habitat around you.If 96 acres isnt enough, youll find 1,200 acre Hartwick State Forest a few miles away for additional outdoor recreational activities.

You’ll see beaver going about their business and in the fall, ducks, as they stopover during their southerly migration. Large part of the field could be used for grazing horses or beef cattle.

Approximately 38 percent is considered public land such as national and state parks, national forestland or other federally protected land.

As befits a state with excellent hunting for big and small game like deer, waterfowl and wild turkey, hunting land was the most common type of land for sale in New York.

The centerpiece of the property is an ~10 acre pond with two or more private cabin settings offering beautiful views and easy access to the pond.

A road has been built to one such site on the northern shore which offers an incredible vantage point to observe local residents with feathers and fur.

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There is a small camper at the road front that will remain on the land and has no value.

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