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When you write a dating blog, speed dating is part of the territory.And so for the last 2 years, I’ve attended more speed dating events than I can count. ‘Elite’ speed dating, silent speed dating, blind speed dating, paper bag speed dating, cycle speed dating, literary speed dating … But no matter the gimmick, it always seems to come down to the same brutal truth. Speed dating originated in 1998, and was set up by an American rabbi, as a way for young, single Jewish people to meet one another.What is worse is that regardless of what time of year it is, unless you're Mr.Olympia, you're probably not going to be getting any dates at the gym. are not a good place for men to get dates.a Gyms exist so that you have a place to go to get healthy, lose weight, build muscle or just feel better about yourself.A member of the opposite sex has to talk to you for at least four minutes, and so this encourages the most nervous types of daters.People who wouldn’t normally approach the opposite sex in the real world. But the problem with speed dating, is that often the women who are attracted to speed dating events are VERY different to the men.If you think utilizing reverse psychology will yield dating prospects in the gym, you're dreaming.Trying to be that loner or rebel, thinking you're too cool for everyone else, or unique to women, will result in just that, being a loner. Not many, if any, are going to have an ulterior motive at the gym.a Women at the gym also fall into one of two categories: attractive, fit, taken/unavailable and trying to keep their figure and stay in shape or fat, ugly and trying to improve themselves.

Ice-breakers are useful, but you want to be sideways on and doing something which you can chat about, not forced to sit face to face in clinical booths, literally judging each other on a slip of paper. If you have a certain ‘type’, then look at your friends, and find the friend who most resembles that type of person. Yes, speed dating can work – but only if you’re the type of person who NEEDS a bell and a tick sheet to talk to a stranger for 4 minutes (but won’t get intimidated by the situation).In general, women will turn up in groups, and be more relaxed and confident about the affair.Whilst sociable women might see Speed Dating as an opportunity to broaden their pool of options, attractive, sociable men very rarely consider speed dating an option (unless they’ve been dragged along by a friend).The latter constitutes the majority at the gym, so unless you're a chubby chaser, your chances of landing a high quality chick at the gym are slim to none.Regardless of which category they fall under, they have a regimen to follow or a weight loss program to stick to. Mind your own business and let them work out in peace.

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