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Moore, with Gordon, Anne Demarinis and Dave Keay formed a band, appearing under names like Male Bonding and Red Milk and the Arcadians, before settling on Moore's choice of Sonic Youth just before June 1981.

The ratcheted-up energy served both "Germs Burn" and "Detonation" well.

On the former, the opening was rolling Americana in sharp, melodic notes before that beautiful, forceful churning came back and Moore's vocals, much heavier than the recorded version, colored the song in punk.

He delivered a spaced-out, psychedelic opening with fellow guitarist James Sedwards on the left, each with one hand low on his fretboard, and the other hand turning and turning with a near-hypnotic quality. A sense of returning, of compositions turning back, characterized many tracks on a night when a few, including "Forevermore" at 12 minutes, deserved to be mentioned with Television's classic epic "Marquee Moon," while surpassing that track in length.

Moore has seemed to be pushing the boundaries further in recent years, through his love of free, improvised music and his other projects, like the avant-garde, experimental Chelsea Light Moving.

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