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John was arrested and, thanks to Peter, sentenced to death.

Kristen couldn't help but wonder if, just maybe, John really did kill Tony, and at the trial, Peter forced her to admit that she believed John killed Tony.

Kristen was all set to marry Tony when Marlena's daughter, Belle, disappeared (whom everyone thought was Roman's), and Kristen and John posed as husband and wife to get her back, horrified to learn that the woman trying to get rid of the baby was none other than teenager Sami Brady!

This seemed to cement their relationship, and Stefano knew he had to break them apart.

Once together, Kristen learned that she needed to have a child quickly, as she had a medical condition which would soon render her infertile.

Rachel knew that Kristen had hid the letter, and begged her to confess.John was horrified to learn she was Stefano's foster daughter, but still loved her.However, she swore to a dying Stefano that she would marry Tony, and she couldn't break her promise.Under hypnosis a second time, Kristen asked John if he loved her or Marlena more, and he answered Marlena.When Stefano returned to town, she agreed to help him kidnap Marlena in the hopes of winning John back.

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