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C., working for the Post, and he played for the Washington Wizards and I covered him there. Sportscaster Rachel Nichols is set to return to ESPN after almost three years at CNN with the launch of new NBA talk show “The Jump” on Thursday, Feb.

The NBA provides a ton of sports-specific topics like amazing slam dunks or who should be on the All-Star team, but it also lends itself to the bigger picture such as gun violence, what it means for a sports league to be involved in that debate, and are the players willing to take on that burden?I think the NFL needs to address it, they will tell you that they made rule changes — but is it enough? I don’t think anyone has the answer yet.“The Jump” premieres on Thursday, Feb. By Rachel Nichols Page 2EDITOR'S NOTE: On occasion, we all need help." data-reactid="28"How will “The Jump” differ from other ESPN basketball shows such as “NBA Countdown” or “NBA Tonight”?Those shows are very specific to the time they air after the games — we are in a different [afternoon] time-slot and a different position.

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We are going to be more of a big conversation, rather than a highlights show.

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