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@lisarutledgephotography @saltygirl1"Her grandson is the result of a former relationship.

Linda does not do social media." The Linda in question, the one talking about herself in the third person, is Linda Evangelista, the monumental '90s supermodel and fashion-industry rabble-rouser. That's when I wish I had Twitter," she says, flashing that high-fashion smile.

With the marriage, Evangelista became Roxanne's stepmother.

In 1987, Evangelista married her agent at the time, Gerald Marie, who already had a daughter, Roxanne, with the Australian model Lisa Rutledge.

(It was later revealed to be the French businessman François-Henri Pinault.) Most recently, she dated Hard Rock Cafe cofounder Peter Morton before splitting with him this past spring.

"When we were satisfied with how our Polaroids looked and we moved to film, those pictures did not need retouching. Sometimes I look in the mirror and see wrinkles in the clothes or streaks in my makeup or a glob of mascara on my eyelashes, and it pisses me off! I tell her that Karl Lagerfeld calls her "the best." "The best what? "I hadn't seen him in a long time, and I suspected he wasn't well," she recalls.

It's a rainy day and we're sipping coffee in New York's Chelsea neighborhood, a few blocks from the penthouse apartment she bought more than a decade ago, debating the pros and cons of the Internet. The cons, of course, involve things that come up when one Googles oneself.

"If I'm ever feeling real good about myself, all I have to do is go online and read a blog or two, and it brings me right back." Indeed, the life of Linda Evangelista provides colorful search results.

The images she created with photographers like Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, Peter Lindbergh, and Norman Parkinson (not to mention her iconic covers) have become part of fashion history.

"I knew they were legendary, but I didn't know how relevant their work would become. ' I didn't appreciate it at the time, and I regret that." Francesco Scavullo was another master, and one of the few who got her to undress in front of the camera.

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"I think those girls were put on this planet to be designers, not actresses. I didn't want to, but I do."To hear Evangelista talk about fashion is to listen to a woman describe her first true love. Nobody put me in bathing suits on a beach." She wasn't the sexpot; she was the supermodel we wanted to dress up and project our fashion fantasies on.

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