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This drama has become my most favourite drama of all time.

IF YOU DONT LIKE HORROR, JUST KEEP ON WATCHING IT because it is not that scary and you wont see ghosts after you watch 10 episodes. You’ll be laughing one moment, and then suddenly on the brink of tears.

They tried to let it open but with the very light atmosphere of the end it's just so obvious they want to make him find her. Just having them both smiling or laughing in that car scene with the song at the very end would have been awesome. This Drama really makes me cry and I even can't stop my mouth to wail. The ending was really a fulfilling one but ofcourse I really need Season 2 (Netherworld Edition ?? I still don’t understand the point of Sam Jang’s character coz all she did was pity herself,cry and then die. This drama introduces too many characters but leaves their story unfinished. why does seung gi always get a role that has a sad fate:((((( just like gu family book. but the thing is i dont really get the chem between son o gong and jin sun mi. I very much enjoyed this fantasy story, especially the allusions to the traditional stories, such as journey to the west and so on. I was never a fan of Seung Gi and I never knew Yeon Seo until I watched this series. I still hope that there's still a chance for Seung Gi and Yeon Seo to end up together in the future, they are both cool! This has many of my favorite actors/actresses, and writers who've written some of my favorite dramas, but still I can't get into it. The characters say really contradicting things, one second this and the next the opposite. The story was passable for me it gave me a nostalgic moment for me since it was made by the Hong sisters some of the episode made me think of Master's Sun.

Also it didn't help that their reunion was a bit ( a lot) meh when he remembers everything... So yeah, I thought a second reunion was coming and that this one would be great *-* But nope.. Actually, would be nice to know more background of the world the story takes place in.. Everyone in the drama played their characters very well. I'm most disappointed in the female lead who lacks dimension, even though the actress is more than capable of acting interesting characters. One min it would get really interesting n the nxt ders some bullsh*t happning... I only wish they include flashback of Son O-Gong's past including why & how he was imprison and also who & why the Human he trusted betrayed him.

The story line was really great, this drama kinda remind me of Goblin. This drama could make you cry in 0.5 sec and make you laugh in another 0.5 sec.

Lee Seung Gi really did a great job, but I like Cha Seung Won more.

I loved this so much the last 2 episodes I was in tears the entire time. although sad, a perfect ending for a second season.

I'm very interested if jin song mi (idk if i spelt her name right? ive grown to love the actor and if there is a new one ill kinda feel like its not her anymore? But i have no idea if there will be a second season but i would love to watch more its one of my favourite dramas and ive got so attached to every single one.

I think such an ending would have been a lot better and very fulfiling. I wish they had focused a bit more on Ma Wang and princess Iron Fan’s story or Pk and Bu ja just to make it bearable. Ive watched a lot of dramas but this drama hit me so hard! Ma Wang and Mo Gong is really a brilliant actor even in the "you're all surrounded" drama. i cried soooooo hard for this drama just like i cried for uncontrollably fond, queen inhyun's man, moon lovers, and gu family book. these days i have a hard time searching for good drama that i can keep watching for more than 2 episodes ahahah. The OST are amazing too, I'm totally loving everything about this drama Just finished the drama today.. I so love the chemistry of Lee Seung Gi and Oh Yeon Seo. she's a great girl and I wish her happiness (though honestly it hurts). Major comeback for Lee Seung-Gi am so happy to see him again he was DAEBAK! The casting was also perfect the shots of the scenery felt realistic for me but as for the effects not so specially with the part of the Dragon and the fire effects.Every single death felt like it was someone who i knew in real life because thats what the drama was like it made you believe that you knew them and that you had a relationship with the characters.idk if its just me i normally get to emotionally attached to characters but these have a special place.PLEASE MAKE SEASON 2 and make it happy ending hahaha. There things that were not explained thoroughly like how did Ohgong ended up in five elements mountain and also to mawang's wife. The ending was so disappointing cause I was expecting that sam jang is the very powerful but she just died in the end, I just dont get it. Please make another season, I really love this movie, please dear Director Park Hong-kyun, Kim Jung-hyun, Kim Byung-soo and Writer Hong Jung-eun, Hong Mi-ran, please we beg of you, we love this movie so muchh!And it would better if Jin sunmi reborn and meet O gong again and the ending... They are so focus to the romantic side of this drama which was not very helpful. High production value, excellent casting, good chemistry, unnecessarily slow.

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