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I gulp, grasp the table and glare at Matthew.‘This was your idea,’ I hiss. And in a small bowl, a bright green mousse, made, says Jones, with the very first of the wild garlic.

‘Dragging me to a place with a “Surprise” tasting menu. ‘Oh and that,’ he grins, pointing to a pair of golden morsels, ‘is sausage in batter.’Hmm. And chew through the hot, crisp burnished batter into a sweetly porky, wonderfully seasoned banger. The bread, rich and pitch black, has a sweetly bitter edge.

Bold, ballsy and robustly salty, it tastes of Singapore markets, Hong Kong dim sum houses and Vietnamese street carts, one of the best plates of Asian tucker I’ve eaten in years.

Lemon sole, impeccably fresh and beautifully cooked, comes hidden beneath a tangle of bitter cress and brittle slices of fried lotus root.

In lesser hands, the dish could quickly become overwhelming, a brutal mass of overwrought excess.

But Jones, like all good chefs, knows exactly where to draw the line. Slices of hogget, bleating of wind swept hills, sit atop pickled cabbage, and crunchy Japanese artichokes and slivers of Blewit mushroom.

2 Wellsway, Bath BA2 3AQ01225 480871, uk Rating: From the outside, Menu Gordon Jones looks like a stop-gap charity shop, the sort of place that moves swiftly from one derelict site to another, as tatty as it is transient.

It squats in a drab Sixties concrete block that lurks on the corner of a busy main road in a far-off suburb of Bath.

I uncork a test tube and pour a puddle of deep orange oil. Roquefort and broccoli ‘Cuppa soup’ has intense depth that belies its ephemeral espuma texture.Sounds wrong, tastes wonderfully rounded and right.Prices are ridiculously low for cooking this sensational, and service warmly impeccable. Monday Off to China Tang in Mayfair to celebrate Chinese New Year.This list is an attempt to shed light on Indy’s ancestors and maybe even the man (or men) who gave Indiana Jones the breath of life.Some names might be familiar to you, while others may be a complete mystery. However, the story of the Mayan crystal skulls, which conspiracy theorists and dime-store Forteans believe supposedly foretell the end of the world, starts with a man worthy of Indiana Jones.

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