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”If you’re going to hit, you’ve got to pick them up.” Caviezel began retrieving the balls that barely made it out of the hitting cage.Caviezel used his phone to take pictures of himself, wearing a Royals’ No. ”Look, Jesus is over there taking selfies,” Yost said, laughing.Starting pitcher Ian Kennedy got out of a bases loaded jam in the third by allowing just one run against the Chicago Cubs on an Anthony Rizzo’s sacrifice fly.”Jesus was in our dugout, watching over us a little bit,” Kennedy said.Emily Penning, executive assistant to the general manager, was the ”director” of the staff shot.

IGN: Speaking of Twitter, you're someone who regularly tweets along with episodes (@Thereal Taraji).

SPOILER ALERT: Avert your eyes if you have not seen the Person of Interest episode, "The Crossing." You have been warned! Falling to a bullet from the cowardly Officer Simmons during the final moments of last night's thunderously emotional Person of Interest.

The dust has settled, but the wounds are still fresh. An episode that did not welsh on its promise to deliver big.

I don't like to ride the thing until the wheels blow off. People are like "But you walked away from the money." And I'm like "That's not why I became an actress." No one said "I'm going to be an actress because I want to be filthy rich." Because you may never make it to the filthy rich part.

We've got champagne." So I go back to the camera truck. Because when Carter bit the bullet on the street and they called out "That's a wrap.

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