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The fitness queen surprised her fans after she proposed her long time lover on her show in a theater in front of her friends and family.She was on her knees holding a ring in her hands with projected head facing her lover's face with a sweet background music.I did not get a referral.” On switching gears: “So at this point, a year and a half has gone by.

Not that I wouldn't have listened anyway: Turns out the personal trainer turned media mogul doesn't have to be standing over you in a gym and yelling to command your attention.

REDBOOK: You talk a lot about your mom being your biggest role model. But by going straight to the next thing, you never get time to reflect or to create space for what's right. And you cannot listen to [the advice of] other people. You've got to listen — and I hate to say this, because it sounds sort of hocus-pocus — to the universe, to life, to God, whatever you want to call it.

What did you go to her for when you were younger, and what do you rely on her for now?

She just wishes motherhood would hurry up and happen.

Between tossing bits of bread to a seagull hobbling around the table with a broken wing ("People get so mad at me for feeding them. '"), Jillian gets frank about her struggle to adopt, the relationship she tries to keep private, and how anyone can face down their biggest fears. RB: What would you tell other women about how to face their fears if they feel like they do want that change? I can't tell you how many people tried to talk me out of leaving [The Biggest Loser]. People are really fear-based, and many have this monkey-bar approach to life, like you can't leave one spot until you're holding on to the next monkey bar.

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