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ahhhh,' she wrote Saturday alongside of herself picking up her statue from a backstage table.Anne Winters ruled the red carpet at the Daytime Emmy Awards over the weekend.The 1906 book "Origin of the Anglo-Saxon race; a study of the settlement of England and the tribal origin of the Old English people" makes an interesting case that our name was the word used in early England for people of Vandal or Wendish descent, a number of whom were forcibly settled in Britain in Roman times."By the Northern nations, including the Northern Goths, the Vandals were called Vindr or Vinthr, whence probably our tribal or personal name Winthr or Winter." There is an entirely different theory about our surname’s origin in a Welsh context, in which one of our family founders was named Walter or William de Lacy.Some Winter families definitely stem from this naming pattern.

(The distinction between "W" and "V" used to be fuzzier in the past, and it wouldn't be at all uncommon for for the "n" to have dropped out the surname with the passage of time.) The Vintners' Company, founded in nvolved in the importation, regulation and sale of wine.

It appears that a number of unrelated families adopted Winter as their surname, mostly between about 11 AD.

It is speculated that some of our family founders were engaged in an occupation with a particularly strong link to the winter season, the specifics of which have been lost in the mists of time.

This can be explained by our name being a word with a truly ancient origin in the Germanic tribal region of Northwest Europe.

Surnames became commonly used in England in the period immediately after the Norman invasion of 1066, and somewhat later in Germany.

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