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But it is very odd to be on the other side." Although Bussell danced professionally on the show two seasons ago, so far this time round her name has been taken mostly in vain.

And not just by the legions of fans still loyal to the memory of Arlene Phillips.

The dancer never forgave him, refusing the opportunity for a reconciliation two years before his death from emphysema in 2000.

At 40, that model heritage is still more than evident in Bussell's tiny frame, although she would claim she's filled out in the past two years.

Moving to Australia was not the wrench for Bussell that it might have been.

Although she was born and brought up in London's Notting Hill Gate, her biological father, John Crittle, was Australian, as was her adoptive father, Philip Bussell.

"I'm really upset that there's been so much injury.

As well as her slight dig at Goodman, Bussell had one other criticism to make of the series so far.

Like me, and most of the rest of Britain, the closest Bussell had come to the salsa before being asked to judge Strictly Coming Dancing was after hours in a nightclub.

"People think, when you've been a professional dancer all your life, that you're going to have tried every sort of style, and I kind of felt embarrassed that I'd never ever tried ballroom dancing," she confides.

"I don't want our daughters to look at us in 10 years' time and say, 'What did you do? We obviously want to enjoy the good things in life, but it's just about keeping it in perspective." Bussell will be hoping people don't cut back on consuming her latest retirement project: a range of girls' dancewear.

' My only problem is making sure that we do something. The star-sequined tutus, ballet shoes, leotards and princess crowns would not rank on many people's must-haves, although try telling that to a ballet-crazed seven year old.

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