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But Shawkat manages to bring depth to the role, especially in her one-on-one scenes with other characters.

The Intervention acknowledges that all relationships have their problems, because all people are flawed.

It’s impossible not to compare The Intervention to The Big Chill, even though Du Vall’s film is more concerned with relationships and dating than death.

And despite phenomenal performances from its versatile cast, it doesn’t quite stand on its own feet.

Okay, so their names here are Jessie and Sarah, respectively, but maybe Graham and Megan changed their names for a fresh start? In any case, Du Vall and Lyonne unsurprisingly have sparkling chemistry together.

Even when Jessie and Sarah are fighting, they captivate.

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There’s something simple but brilliant about the idea of a bunch of fucked up people coming together to try to tell their friends their marriage is fucked up.

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