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Use her, abuse her - but whatever you do don't forget one thing... She will faithfully serve you, her master, until the very end.For those of you with "Twin Souls" in conjuration, you can have double the fun!

So remember to use her on your next dungeon crawling quest, your Dragonborn hero will thank you for it.Our pup "MAC" follows his sire TRAD everywhere he goes and the two have bonded nicely since wee MAC joined our pack.One of four yellow pups in a litter that also included five black pups, MAC was the lightest of the four yellow pups which all varied a tad in hue.Reno, 78, served in the Clinton White House from 1993 to 2001.Actor and comedian Kevin Meaney, who had been a regular on late-night TV and was famous for delivering the line, "That's not right," died, his agent said October 21.

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White Shadow has her on special powers to aide the hero on his/her quests.

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