White collar women dating blue collar

But young people were more likely to drink heavily with 46 per cent of 16 to 24 year olds and 35 per cent of 25 to 44 year olds doing so at least once in the previous week compared compared to just six per cent of over 65s.

Chris Sorek, chief executive of alcohol awareness charity Drinkaware, said: 'While there continues to be a strong culture of drinking as part of professional roles it is not surprising to see managers drinking more than manual workers.'Meetings and get-togethers are all situations where professionals may feel under pressure to drink.

Doctors warn that a string diseases, including heart disease and a numbers of cancers, have been linked to excessive drinking.

In middle class families 41 per cent of men drank more than four units and 35 per cent of women more than three on at least one day in the week before interview, compared to 34 per cent of men and 23 per cent of women in manual households.

On the other hand 19 per cent of males and 11 per cent of women from blue collar families did the same, according to the Office of National Statistics lifestyle survey of 13,488 people carried out in 2009.

And when it came to smoking, almost twice as many working class people indulge in the habit - three in ten (29%) compared to 15% of those higher up the social ladder.

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