What is the right age difference for dating

Kibirango, however, says that the Bible encourages Biblical marriage and doesn’t put emphasis on age.

Joyce Kirabo, a counselor who deals with relationship and marriage issues says that age is a matter of contention since society views it based on gender.

Marrying someone much younger especially for women is viewed as a taboo in African societies- in the western world it’s not a big deal.

Celebrities in their 40s are marrying lovers half their age and no one bats an eye, but it is not the case in the conservative African setting.

For 30-year-old Davis Mugisha, a Kigali business man, when it comes to dating, age is the least important thing on his mind.

“I personally reflect on discovering and believing that one deserves a respectful, mature, thoughtful and loving partner regardless of what age they may be,” he says.

What researchers say An online survey of Elite Singles published on shows that men and women have different age limits when it comes to love.

Holding a conversation for longer than 10 minutes without reverting to small talk is quite something.

I honestly can’t see how a 20-year-old will offer me that,” she says.

“The Bible, culture and common sense should be considered. Culturally, you are marrying your own child even if he or she is a consenting adult and the Bible talks about this either positively or negatively,” he says.

Is it common sense for a 45-year-old man or woman to marry a 19-year-old boy or girl? Asked whether a huge age gap should matter, Hassan Kibirango; a pastor at Christian Life Assembly (CLA) said it matters when two couples are way out of range in terms of the age gap. If a 50-year-old person married someone half their age, it, in the end, would cause tremendous challenges because of their age gap, like the desires these two would have,” he says.

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