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Using POF and other online dating sites have their own methods of how they function or operate.POF works off a lot of how users communicate with others, so if you are a male and create a profile and expect females to message you it isn’t going to happen.I will tell you, you’re not alone it happens to everyone.You’re coming off desperate – One of the biggest red flag people put off and don’t know they are doing it.

This will be a read if there is a way to deliver it as TL; DR I'll take any help.She's still single 7 years later and is not desirable to any single men in town and is turning into the crazy pet person. So many of the profiles that are posted here for critique have terrible photos. The problem with dating in general is that it is a sausage fest.Every girl you see will always compare you to every guy she knows that she could potentially date.If you get to the stage of her coming over, disconnect from any game you’re on and focus on her or the both of you.Pictures - Google search "dating profile pictures" and you will get a long read of advice.

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  1. At Connecting Singles we think you should spend your time connecting with quality singles - not trying to figure out where you are or how to use the site. ) and we think it should be easy for you to find them.

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