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With the same salt crystals at the corner of the eye as grace the gunnel at sunset.

On April 22, 2013 I found myself 20 floors up on the roof of a condominium overlooking Elliott Bay.

The boys in the Boat is a marvelous piece of work, well written, well researched.

I was intrigued with Daniel Brown’s dual theme of university-level team rowing competition and the rise of Hitler’s Germany. The description of northwest life in the 1920s and 1930s is seen from the perspective of the young men comprising the UW eight-oar rowing team, Joe Rantz, in particular. A ship that does not veer from difficulty, but takes pride in accomplishment and returns to home port, time after time.

Around 2000 or so I was there pretty regularly on Friday nights, which was their fetish night.

The club was hopping pretty good by ’03 -04 though I still meet people who went there in the early 90’s or even the 80’s and said it was better then.

I was designing outfits that didn’t exist in real life, so eventually I taught myself to sew so I could make them.

Caramel: When you began your full-time transition about 10 years ago, how did your friends and family react to it?

I’ve been collecting Marie Antionette style couches for a film for years, and in order for me to do the same out there, I don’t know, I’d either have to do prop rental or start from scratch with my fetish for “interior design” Caramel: Although I don’t like actually being called a “shemale”, it doesn’t bother me as a porn term.I’m the kind of person who you meet and don’t think much of, but then discover all sorts of amazing facts and talents about me, whereas other people seem to put all their cards on the table the minute you meet them, and then when you scratch the surface you realize they’re not quite as amazing as you originally thought they were.Caramel: When did you first develop your admiration for pin-up photography?Caramel: Where you already designing fetish clothing when your website first launched?Tara: Yes, though I could probably fairly say that they stemmed from the realm of my erotic illustrations.

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It was a bold time, when men could live large, when risk rode with brains and muscle into the eye storm seeking buxom reward. A very personal point, shared with crew and friends, often, spoken only with tears.

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