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whether or not to have sex with someone, but you can’t really choose to believe something or not.You can decide to profess belief or not, but you can’t choose your actual beliefs.It seems to me that he’s refuting the purely rhetorical strategy of categorizing theists as ‘almost’ atheists.In other words, he’s saying it makes as much sense to refer to a monotheist as an atheist with respect to other gods as it does to refer to a person in a monogamous relationship as celibate with respect to other people: a monotheist is in no meaningful sense an atheist, and a person in a monogamous relationship is in no meaningful sense celibate (no marriage jokes! atheists”, but “we should be consistent in our application of reason to truth claims”. Well, no big deal, we may have different ideas about the details of Susan, but I’m sure it must be the same person.

I don’t think they’re baffled because Yahweh is a god – but rather because they consider his existence to be obvious.

(Just as they’d consider all these other gods to be obviously fake or false).

If I were to get into an discussion with someone who was apolitical, and ask them how they could have absolutely no interest in how the country is being run, their pointing out that I also reject all political philosophies except the one I hold wouldn’t strike me as a a particularly persuasive argument.

A god that is believed to be part of a pantheon–even the head of the pantheon–is not the same sort of God that Christians and Muslims believe in.

For instance, the Christian God is supposed to be omnipotent, but a member of a pantheon is inherently limited, if only by the power of the other gods.

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