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You'll learn how to use Java Script to build a table model, create the table editor/viewer, validate data with regular expressions, access the data feed, use event handlers, and monitor the data changes in the Web browser.In addition, I'll present a very interesting technique for generating XML and HTML on the client side, using a JSP-like syntax that makes the code more readable and easier to maintain.An Ajax client, however, cannot directly connect to third-party Web services due to security restrictions imposed by the Web browser.Therefore, you need an Ajax controller running on the same server that hosts the Ajax application.

We hope you find this tutorial helpful and you can download the whole project under the Attachments section below.The sample application of this article is a portfolio editor/viewer: The user enters the stock information and is able to undo the data changes at any moment.The share prices are retrieved from a data feed so that the stock values and their gains/losses can be updated every second.You can find the code of these simple methods in the data file.The Java Script editor of JDeveloper has many useful features such as syntax highlighting and verification, completion and parameter insight, refactoring, usage finding, brace matching, and code folding.

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Name the project as Bookstore: Remember to choose Target runtime as Apache Tomcat v8.0 and Dynamic web module version as 3.1 (this is the Java servlet version). Then convert this project to a Maven project by right click on the project, select Configure As you can see, the dependencies here are for Servlet, JSP, JSTL and My SQL connector Java (a JDBC driver for My SQL). The following is code of the object will be passed from a servlet which we will create later.

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