Updating took over 30 minutes if you are dating a loser

I asked if this was 'Adobe' and he said they were a third party. Now, I've spent over an hour trying to get a phone number, but you can't just call.You have to go through about 20 minutes of trying to do it via automated texts and/or this forum.

Unplugged and replugged Hub which settled down to solid blue, force killed and restarted app, and first notice I get is Hub needs update. I had to force kill the app twice before the hub page came back without the "updating" banner and the spinning symbol.It has been updating for the past 4 hours and on the installing features and drivers it has gone up from 60% to 63% in the past 3 hours.I have important things I need to do, as all of you do, and I can't wait 37 hours for this thing to complete.There is a PDF document on the Wink FAQ page that gives some more info.In one place it says the update should take roughly 15 minutes depending on your internet speed.

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Of course the customer support office is closed and of course I wanted to use the Nuvi to go on a small trip tomorrow.

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