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since the beginning of tech preview there have been issues with some audio devices, including some [all?] Conexant, running in systems with more than 3GB [so, 32-bit bias] ram.if the enhancement switch does not produce stability, exchanging the device driver [dev mgr, update driver] to standard MS provided High Definition Device will work, and works well, until Winupdates overrides it again.then you'll need to hit rollback in dev mgr cheers Google for Conexant CX20672-21Z driver and install the newest you can find.

nothing works to prevent whatever YOU do from being overridden at some point by reinstallation of a driver that will eventually fail audio.BUT the drivers which your need to download HAVE TO BE for a lower windows. Then find the description and see which one is the vendor ID (VID), the product ID (PID) and then Google them to make sure you find the appropriate drivers.This is where i found the conexant drivers for my sony vaio for windows 7. I had the same problem, but discovered it when I Skyped after a Win 10 install and Skype update (v 17).The problem happened after having tried to use my headphones.It happened not to have sound long time ago (I rarely use headphones) but I forgot how I fixed. (I get "Unrecoverable playback error: Unknown error code (0x88890008)" in foobar2000).

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