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JAWS 16 is designed to recognize all existing Standard licenses and will automatically work as a Home Edition now on both Home and Professional machines.

All new licenses of JAWS 16 that are shipped will be set up using either the new Home Edition license or the traditional Professional license.

This page describes the new features and improvements available in JAWS 16.

Go to Enhancements in JAWS for a list of all improvements made in JAWS 16 releases.

For example, you may need to locate a keystroke for working with formulas in Excel.

Instead of opening the JAWS help topic for Excel and searching through all of the available keystrokes, or starting Keyboard Help (INSERT 1) and pressing various keystroke combinations until you find the correct one, you can open the Search for JAWS Commands window while focused in Excel, type "formulas" in the search edit box, and then view a list of all keystrokes related to working with formulas.

At the same time, we are changing the name from Standard to JAWS Home Edition and it is intended for Non-Commercial Use as well as ideal for anyone who intends to use JAWS on their personal laptop or desktop computer.

Each command name along with the most common keystroke used to perform it is displayed as a heading so you can quickly move between results using the H and SHIFT H Navigation Quick Keys.When running a JAWS Home Edition license, JAWS will announce in both speech and braille "JAWS Home Use" at startup.Also, the JAWS application window has been changed.JAWS provides many keystrokes to perform a variety of commands.Many commands can be performed anywhere in Windows, such as reading the window title or current line, while other commands are only available in specific applications like Microsoft Word or Internet Explorer.

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