Updating clause used in instead of trigger example

The answer to the question will probably jump off the screen at us when you do that.You can turn on sql_trace=true as well to see the precise sql statement that is failing.

If I remove the useless "USER_ID" = 3645511100442249, it works.Thanks Flavio July 24, 2005 - pm UTC I always try to remove as many "non-relevant bits" from the picture in order to see whats up.You should now be able to provide us a standalone script that has a couple of very small creates, and an example statement "not working", 100% self contained but very very small -- to reproduce with.To learn whether and in what ways the columns of an inherently updatable view can be modified, query the USER_UPDATABLE_COLUMNS data dictionary view.The information displayed by this view is meaningful only for inherently updatable views.

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But i find something different in case of "INSTEAD OF" trigger.

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