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Jacob holds Bella's hand and stares at her longingly, and they share several close embraces (two while he's shirtless) and at least three "almost kisses." Other couples are shown holding hands, hugging, and kissing.No shortage of shirtless, buff guys, courtesy of the La Push Wolf Pack.

And her relationship with Edward, while loving, continues to determine her happiness, as evident in her three months of catatonic depression after their break-up early in the film.

She never feels that she's worthy of Edward, and she admits to feeling selfish in the way that she clings to Jacob even while telling him she can never love him "that way." That said, Edward and Jacob are both very protective of Bella, who is in turn protective of each of them.

They all get a chance to save each other and don't hesitate to do so.

Volvo once again supplies Edward's car of choice (this time it's an XC60); other featured car brands include Porsche and Mercedes.

Bella's computer is an Apple Mac Book, and she and Alice fly Virgin America to Italy (which is amusing, since that division of Virgin doesn't fly to Europe).

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