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I’m sure the corporate office would love to hear about how this lady is with her employees and how she treats them in front of customers!

This cannot be lastly this is an ongoing thing because I am a daily shopper there and I’ve heard this on many ocassions.. and there was a manager in there by the name of Angel I know that was her name because I’ve heard alot of customers speak of her as well as hearing her employees call her by her name.

She acts as if she’s the one who owns the store and in fact as if she and only she can run the store all by herself..

Doesn’t she know that her employees are what makes her store go as it does with out them there will be no business.

The cashier herself was tasked with again doing stocking freight, recovery, balloons, and cashiering.

James has been so rude and disrespectful on numerous occasions but on Jan 1 2018 I was very i am getting angry and wouldn’t leave until the transaction was corrected.she called the police, they came and talked to us, then i left with the store still owing me one dollar.then she said there was no extra money even though i paid with a credit card, she counted every bill!i said let me just get another item to make up for it and she said she’d call the police because that is stealing.

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