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This speaks of a very aggressive and martial stance by the North Korean leader at this time. My hope is the Russia investigations take him and other high level R’s down along with our orange leader, permanently damaging the R. Perhaps then, while Pluto moves into Aquarius, the Dems will split in two and we can again have reasonable debates.

It will be strongly triggered by transiting Mars (22Leo) from August 23 to 24, and by transiting Jupiter (22Libra) from August 29 to September 4. The James Webb Space Telescope is a joint endeavour of Nasa, and the European and Canadian space agencies.

The Saturn transit bespeaks of enormous and mostly unresolved tension between the two countries through September. natal chart is also being influenced by transiting Chiron (27 Pisces) who sextiles U. Pluto (27 Capricorn) both of whom are quincunx the full moon chart’s Mercury in Leo (which is conjunct the degree of the total eclipse this month and opposite U. Source: CNN __________________________________ Only problem is…………………………… Trump Firing Bannon Would Set Off Something Close To ‘Apocalypse Now’: Bannon Ally Raw Story April 14, 2017 President Donald Trump could face massive blowback if he were to decide to pull the trigger and fire senior White House adviser Steve Bannon, White House and Breitbart insiders are claiming. The August 25th Saturn station (21 Sag) will be quincunxing Steve Bannon’s Uranus (22 Cancer). Dean W., You are absolutely correct about that “whole new set of ethical and practical concerns.” Pence is beyond fundamentalist, in that he is a “Dominionist.” Dominionist “Christians” make fundamentalists seem liberal by comparison.

In Kim’s chart, using January 8, 1983, Pyongyang, we find the progressed Sun conjunct natal Mars (22Aquarius35), waxing through mid-October, using the generic noon birth time. Their goal is to replace the constitution with “biblical law.” See: and: Eternal Hostility: The Struggle Between Theocracy and Democracy by Frederick Clarkson My personal view is that Pence is at least as dangerous as DJT, albeit in different ways.

Using either chart, the composite chart drawn with the US chart gives as the Sun at 15 Leo conjunct North Korea’s Pluto (15Leo33), and transited by Mars over the past few days as tensions built. There are so many possible candidates for 2020 and political events in the US are moving so fast that it is hard to imagine anything “normal” happening these days, never mind as far away as 2020. How much more will happen before the next elections is beyond imagining after threats over N. when we thought the situation with North Korea was threatening to blow, all hell breaks loose in Charlottesville, Virginia, heightening the pre-eclipse drama in these United States and bumping NK right out of the headlines.” Well, this morning it was announced that China has banned the buying of iron, lead, and coal from NK; and Annonymous has hacked a major white supremist web site (I think it’s called Daily Storm) shut it down in addition to sending allies to “visit” the administrator in Lagos, while Go Daddy who sponsors it kicked them off. Friday/Saturday (8/18- early 8/19) Trump has a major rage attack when the Sun crosses his Mars/solar arc Uranus.

Moreover, composite Saturn is 21Virgo51 and composite Node is 21Gemini24, both experiencing the protracted Saturn station that is also sitting on President Trump’s Moon (21Sagittarius12) and opposite the US Mars (21Gemini23). Korea, the dreadful events in Virginia, among other scandals and the Mueller investigation. A small preview to when Mars hits that hot mess 8/29-31. Newsroom CNN’s Brian Stelter says sources close to the White House and statements by current and former officials indicate that Steve Bannon could be the next high-profile departure from the Trump administration.

In the past week, Trump seamlessly and with considerable relish stepped into his Rescuer role once again.

And never mind the dire consequences of what an actual war on Kim would mean, including the untold number of potential casualties and widespread harm. Well, you might not believe or like this but the transiting Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Libra sextile in the September Full Moon chart forms a Yod to Mitch Mc Connell’s Saturn in Taurus which is conjunct the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of 2000, the start of the cycle that’s coming to a close.

The one compelling factor is that the narcissistic Trump loves his Rescuer role and the personal grandiosity that it feeds, and that his followers adore that side of him. The astrological indicators of the coming two months are exceptionally troubling. Yet another lunation to untangle with many moving parts all dependent on which way the wind blows. Mitch’s Saturn has been under the influence of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle for 17 years now and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction’s square to Uranus is part of that influence.

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