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According to the United States Census Bureau, the city occupies a total area of 64.8 square miles (168 km) (4.76%) is water.

Many Chinese were immigrating to California as workers in these years, especially for the Transcontinental Railroad.

The city was officially incorporated on July 23, 1850, by the county court, and the first city election was held on July 31, 1850.

In 1851, the City of Stockton received its charter from the State of California.

During its early years, Stockton was known by several names, including "Weberville," "Tuleburg," "Fat City," "Mudville," and "California's Sunrise Seaport." Thousands of Chinese came to Stockton from the Kwangtung province of China during the 1850s due to a combination of political and economic unrest in China and the discovery of gold in California.

After the gold rush, many worked for the railroads and land reclamation projects in the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta and remained in Stockton.

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