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You will, however, as some of the guests at your wedding will too.It’s a common misconception that talking about your mother or acknowledging her absence will “make people sad.” On the contrary, I believe that talking about her and her absence is appropriate.

Grief sneaks up on you when you least expect it; the reflexive reach for the phone is a hard habit to break.What is not appreciated about the death of a loved one is that “Death ends a life but it doesn’t end a relationship that lives on in the mind of the survivor.” Some studies have shown that mourners hold onto the relationship with the deceased with no notable ill effects.A childhood death of a parent can be a devastating event.When you no longer have a mother to admit “now I understand what you meant” or “I’m sorry for how I behaved as a child” it can feel that there is unresolved business at hand. Of course, a wedding is one of these events that is tied to family.Not being able to ask, “Is this how you felt on your wedding day? How can you possibly explain the ways in which these occasions make you miss your mother?

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