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Ryan attempted to play chicken on the road and told Sophie to go home.

Not wanting Ryan to get hurt, Sophie talked sense into him and he let her help him.

Michelle and landlady Stella Price called the Police on him and he was released following a caution.

Tracy Barlow took a supposed liking towards Ryan which angered Michelle and Steve especially when Tracy continued to take her relationship further with Ryan leading to them having sex. When Steve requested that she had an abortion, Michelle ended her relationship with Steve and the pair split up.

Later that evening, Ryan's mother Michelle and her boyfriend Steve Mc Donald caught him in the toilets snorting cocaine.Tracy finally explained that she had faked her pregnancy when Ryan proposed marriadge to her.Ryan, Michelle, Steve, Ken and Deirdre Barlow were all hurt and angry.Wanting to rekindle their relationship, Steve came begging back to Michelle and although Ryan explained that Steve should not be with his mother, Michelle eventually gave him another chance.Ryan - hurt that his mother didn't listen to him and that Tracy rejected him - took Sophie to a club in the city.

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When Sophie tried to go to him, she got hit by a vehicle.

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