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It was later remade in 3D by Matrix Software and released worldwide for the Nintendo DS, with this version re-released for i OS, Android, the Play Station Portable, Microsoft Windows, and other platforms.

It was directed by Hironobu Sakaguchi, with Nobuo Uematsu composing the score and Yoshitaka Amano providing the image design.

Though their genders are never specified, it is assumed the children are male.

Over the course of their journey the Light Warriors are joined by several support characters who do not fight, but offer help on the world map.

His design is similar to later Amano drawings of the protagonist of Final Fantasy V, Bartz Klauser.

His ponytail and longsword are also similar to that of Desch's character in the remake version. Many assume the unnamed warrior is the basis for Luneth's design.

They find Refia in Cid's airship, and all three journey to Castle Sasune to see the King and retrieve the Mythril Ring needed to break the curse.Jobs grant the player characters abilities, such as Magic, and some special commands associated with specific jobs, such as Steal associated with the Thief and Jump associated with the Dragoon.Using a job for longer increases the characters' stats.Four orphaned youths under the care of Topapa, the village elder, explore and find the Crystal of Wind that grants them a portion of its power and their first set of jobs, instructing them to go forth and restore world balance.In the remake, only Luneth falls into the cave and is told to find the other Warriors before being granted the Crystal's power.

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