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Its one of the most recognizable images of the 20th century. The internet provides with more novelty than we could hope to consume in a lifetime. He told me that he met his new girlfriend on a dating site.Its about three people in a diner in close physical proximity, yet they look isolated and alienated from one another, which was one of the hallmarks of most of Hopper’s artworks. It is the compelling force behind us wanting to search out food, love, sex, and novelty. I asked him why he went there instead of finding someone in his “real life”.There is a predictable pattern of behavior that applies to the dati g aspect. The draw of a website full of those we are attracted to can conceivably help us be super selective.So much so that this behaviors are simulated by a computer. Biologically we know what’s happening: we are biologically inclined to seek out sex, love and novelty.The most prominent on that list are food, sex, love, and novelty. Short bursts of dopamine via our reward system give us feelings of pleasure. An endless supply of potential mates via pics on websites, at a pace that can leave us in a state of continual pleasure.Especially if we continue to browse an seemingly endless supply of them.If you look carefully, they don’t have any smartphones! Technology isn’t creating the feeling of alienation and isolation that Hopper captured in this painting. What would make people turn to a computer, rather than turn to people to find a date? He said that meeting people through people can put you in an awkward position.This kind of antisocial behavior was around before we had earbuds in our ears and smartphone in our hands. if you meet someone from your social circle, workplace or school, everything is fine until the breakup.

Is it because we are a digital society that has become antisocial with smartphones on the brain?

There are 40 million Americans using online dating websites and those users range from young to old.

Today, 27% of young adults report using online dating sites, which is up 10% from 2013, likely due to the influx of dating apps on smartphones.

What we do t have is the real story unless we talk to our friends about it.

Chances are that the person next to you has a profile going on a dating website. Chances are these days that even knowing that, you wouldn’t turn to the person next to you and ask for a date.

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