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You probably didn’t notice it in the midst of all the greatness that was the three-part New Edition biopic last week, but the audience received some unexpected tea on the past relationship of member Johnny Gill and singer Stacy Lattisaw.

When we were first introduced to Gill (played by Luke James) backstage at an NE concert, he was asked about his relationship with “redbone” Lattisaw.

Rap legend Kurtis Blow isn’t the only one who’s unhappy with his mention/portrayal in the New Edition biopic.

R&B singer Stacy Lattisaw was a teen star in the 80s who had a string of hits, some with New Edition member Johnny Gill before he joined the group, and the two dated, as mentioned in the movie.

Gill, 46, who dated R&B singer Stacey Lattisaw when he was 15-years-old, seemed conflicted when talking about the persistent gay rumors.

On the one hand he says he has “compassion” for homosexuals, but on the other hand, he says, “it just doesn’t feel good.” “If I could tell you why I sure would have by now … “But I don’t feel as bad anymore, because when I go on the Internet everybody’s gay …

At first, I didn’t believe it was him.” She chuckled.

Whether it’s being called gay, accused of being gay, accused of a thief, accused of being anything or somebody’s lying [about] you and saying something about you that’s not true, it just doesn’t feel good …All this stuff is going on and I’m like, ‘Do you believe it?’ She says, ‘No, I just hear everybody just keeps saying,’ and I said, ‘Let me tell you something.Entering the music business at twelve years old, Stacy Lattisaw wasn’t sure what to expect.She wanted to sing, but she didn’t realize she would have to give up so much of her time and her life. They don’t know the sacrifices I had to make,” she said.

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