Speed dating events in oxford

Ashlie and Stephen are off to Northern Ireland, the smallest part of the United Kingdom.

They visit the famous Giant's Causeway, learn to surf and chase ghosts in some of Northern Ireland's romantic ruined castles.

They visit some of the most famous historic sites in London, hear Big Ben chime – and have afternoon tea!Stephen tries to help her find Mr Right – but the road to true love is never smooth!Meanwhile, Amandeep does meet one happy couple, and Word on the Street are guests on a very special day – their wedding!Carmen meets some adrenalin junkies at the National Watersports Centre in Nottingham and at a parkour training centre in London.Stephen and Ashlie visit Notting Hill in London, to take part in the carnival.

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Meanwhile, Amandeep finds out a little more about the recent history of this area - and meets the young artists...

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