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Introversion is characterized by a focus on internal thoughts, feelings, and moods rather than on external stimulation, and often comes with the "quiet, anti-social loner" stereotype. The stereotypes surrounding introverts are largely unfair, and can be pretty frustrating: Not all introverts are painfully shy, and not all extroverts are obnoxiously outgoing.The main difference between introverts and extroverts is actually how they recharge: Introverts might prefer doing a quiet, solitary activity, while an extrovert feels most energized at a social gathering or just chatting with friends.

Despite the fact that individual personalities are super nuanced, it seems like, on the whole, the world can be divided into two basic kinds of people: Introverts and extroverts. Just because you tend towards introversion doesn't necessarily mean your sex drive is low or that you're incapable of getting kinky in the bedroom.

put me in the middle of a jungle, as long as i can make/ hunt for food and have a good book, i'll be totally okay.

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