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Brown explains that copyright laws are designed to protect creative expression, rather than methods of doing something, like crafting a successful dating app."When you look at the similarities between how Hinge looks and Facebook looks, those similarities—as I see it—are purely factual or methodological," he says.Instead, it works like Hinge, which has users scroll through detailed profiles.

He specifically cites a landmark Supreme Court case from 2014 that found an abstract idea doesn't become eligible for a patent just because it's implemented on a computer.And in the biggest similarity, singles on both services can start conversations not by merely saying hello but by commenting on a specific profile item.For example, you can click on a picture of a crush's trip to Morocco and mention that you've been there too.Again, Facebook Dating has yet to launch, so it's impossible to know exactly how much it has in common with Hinge.But at first glance, they seem nearly identical, not just because they have the same features but also in the way they're designed.

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