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She stuttered a couple of times, but managed to keep to her “script”. I began to stroke my cock, up and down, whilst making out that I was seriously listening to her.To tell the truth, to this day I still don’t know what she was selling!She stepped out of them and sat again on the lounge, keeping her knees together to try and keep some form of modesty.As much as I tried, I couldn’t “play” the soft home nudist part, as my dick began to swell.She pulled her top off over her head slowly, revealing her perky bra-less boobs, the nipples hardening as I watched.Then she stared me in the eye as she slid her skirt and panties down in one swift movement.I checked the drive and saw an old model car, rusty and with a broken headlight lens. In an instant I figured that she had dressed “to sell”, and that she was very nervous.OK, I thought, if you are prepared to keep ringing my bell, then you get what you get. She wore a very short skirt, with legs that were a mile long….

Her eyes bulged as she took in my naked form, but she steeled herself and started on her speil…“I am doing a survey, and if you are prepared to answer a number of questions, you can win a new car or a years supply of our product!

No more religious freakos interrupting my Sunday morning sleep-ins, no more “pushy” sales people… All of my friends knew about this little ploy, and would shout: “Put your gear on!

” when visiting, and it became a bit of an “in” joke.

She sat there and began her sales pitch again, all the while watching my dick grow.

I tried to put her off by fondling my balls as she spoke, and it nearly worked.

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