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Apparently, even those who have not fully paid their debts to society, who are still serving their sentences through probation can now vote and serve on juries. Date: February 21, 2010 What is making some Democrat state Senators side with Republicans and vote on measures that would gut national health care reform and loosen gun laws in Virginia?Even more spectacular, Delegate Bell reports that if they happen to be re-entered into attendance in Virginia’s penal system for some violation of probation, they (currently) retain their rights to vote and sit on a jury. Is a follow-up bestseller on Virginia’s Governor Terry Mc Auliffe in the works? Why did the Republicans vote for a "pro-choice" license plate?, Virginia’s 7th district, talks about the state of our federal government, the economy, and executive overreach from his seat on the House Budget Committee. Date: January 17, 2010 At the global warming world conference in Copenhagen last month, how did world leaders react to the recent discovery that scientists have been faking the global warming data for years?It seems our well-studied hero of the 7th district is less than impressed by the Republican Party’s generally incurable complacency. Did that change their thinking on “climate change”?Delegate Rob Bell, of Virginia’s 58th District, speaks on the extraordinarily horrifying attempt by Gov. Listen to Jeremy describe the current state of the law and then decide for yourself if our legislators go to Richmond to represent their constituents, or are they there to do the bidding of special interests while protecting the questionable actions of a largely unaccountable state government – people be damned! Philip Van Cleave says the NEW Senate Subcommittee is a "death star" for all gun bills and is actually against the Senate rules!Mc Auliffe’s office to positively spin the blanket return of voting and jury rights to (at least) 40,000 violent criminals. D., director of the Adam Smith Institute in London, discusses the recent elections in the UK and the implications for Britain, Scottish Nationalism, and the European Union. Date: February 27, 2010 Dan Gainor and Mark Tapscott tell us why the media is screaming for bailouts and why this represents an enormous risk to a free press. In an impassioned speech on the floor of the House, Delegate Kirk Cox proclaims the need for you, the taxpayer, to have a lobbyist!

Gun rights advocates also had several successes in the 2016 legislative session although Gov. 2 Diana Furchtgott-Roth, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, discusses her recently released book, . Furchgott-Roth details how the federal government seems to be going out of its way to harm young people, including those trying to enter the workforce for the first time. Is Virginia all of a sudden turning Wild West on us?Who is the Governor truly representing: the special interests who support him politically or the inner city children of limited means who are still trapped in a subpar public school system? Never before in our history has the federal government forced citizens to purchase a product just by virtue of being citizens.Why are Virginia Republicans so afraid to stand for parental choice that they emasculate education reform in committee? Delegate Marshall joins us to give details about the bill and tell us its chances of passing in Virginia.I suppose we just chalk it up to more progressive support of blatant corporatism or does the city-counsel just hate Capitalism so much that they actually prefer drunk driving? Davidson also details the major operating differences between taxi services and ridesharing and the core failures in the progressive and corporate arguments against the wonderfully innovative companies that will now be dropping riders off at the Travis county line. 2 Full Program Robert Everett Johnson, an attorney with the Institute for Justice, discusses the latest developments in the Lyndon Mc Lellan asset forfeiture case in North Carolina. Date: February 14, 2010 Could Virginia’s General Assembly significantly restore our Second Amendment freedoms and our right to self-protection, even when Democrats control the Virginia Senate?Philip Van Cleave, President of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, speaks about the recent successes and challenges faced by gun owners from Virginia and those visiting our Commonwealth. 2 Vince Haley, Republican candidate for the 12th district state Senate seat being vacated by Walter Stosch, updates us on his campaign and his plan to phaseout the state income tax if elected. Before joining IJ, Robert was an attorney in the Washington, D. office of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP, where he specialized in appellate and constitutional law. Kennedy on the United States Supreme Court, and for Chief Judge Alex Kozinski on the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Well, several Democrats sided with Republicans to pass gun legislation that in previous years had been blocked by the Senate.

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