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The associated bills would permanently revoke that person’s medical license and expand the time they could be imprisoned for this crime. Rose Ramirez, a Grand Rapids-area physician, told the committee she was concerned that requiring doctors to keep files for 15 years could be an “onerous” burden on an already highly regulated industry.“There are so many situations I could imagine where the documentation may not be there even though an appropriate exam was done,” she said.

“So I don’t want to see healthcare workers criminalized for that.”Henning, of Wayne State University, said the legislation could drive up malpractice insurance costs for doctors, especially those who work with children, because it could cause a greater chance of malpractice claims against doctors.

Many states already have this type of law, so it wouldn’t be odd for Michigan to follow suit, she said. but for the defense it raises a real challenge,” Henning said.

However, it doesn’t lower the burden of proof against a defendant because “the government’s burden is always the same: beyond a reasonable doubt” for the particular charge being prosecuted.

In the state Senate, about a third of senators are up for re-election.

In the House, that number jumps to nearly 80 percent.

One would greatly expand or even eliminate the statute of limitations on criminal sexual conduct cases.

Another would create a system to track the reasons for firing school employees and ensure that future prospective employers know why.

The House bills are being reviewed by that chamber’s Law and Justice committee, which held two hearings last week and expect to hold at least two more this week, said Chair Rep. Many of the sexual-assault bills have received support from the Attorney General’s office, the Michigan Catholic Conference, women’s groups and sexual assault prevention groups, among others.(In separate instances, victims’ medical records at MSU and with USA Gymnastics were allegedly removed or destroyed.) The bills also require parental consent before vaginal or anal penetration could be done to a minor. Under current law, it’s already illegal for a medical professional have sex with a female patient under the guise of treatment.One of the other four bills would broaden that law to include patients of all genders and to include sexual contact in addition to penetration.Now, representatives in Michigan’s state House are considering bills they hope will prevent other predators from following in his footsteps.There are more than 30 bills total, which range from more rigorous medical practice requirements to extending the statute of limitations on criminal sexual conduct prosecutions and lawsuits. Among the bills being considered, some would have far-reaching impact.

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