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I just thought it was strange that this woman was interested in my qualifications and then all of a sudden lost interest. I had a very bad experience with Scientologists when I decided to take their "psychological test." They're not a church.

They're a mafia style group which claims to be a church, and proclaims to cure psychological problems, but most of all, they'll take every penny they can get from you along the way, and won't let you "out" of the group.first off, this group does not worship anyone or anything2nd, this group does not force anything on anyonehowever, the truth is the sea org is a messed up branch of the church, you dony get paid much and are used as a slave for the most partbut that isnt what the whole group is aboutmany things that man wrote are darn cool and are interestinghowever, DO NOT think i'm saying david miscavage is any good, miscavage is a SCUMBAG and sadly the current LEADER of the churchthe truth about hubbard was he was a smart and very caring man, and he did want others to rethink about everything and base thier opinions on facts and what is really going on and have to better handle your life in all waysthe church itself isnt bad, david miscavage is bad, and how much they charge is bad, but the info they give you is more valuable then gold.

Indeed, many of the recent secular humanist campaigns that became fashionable following the atheist bus campaign in the UK focus on "being good without God".

The radical religious right often use the term "humanist" or "secularist" to denote any of a variety of Things They Don't Like.

Secular humanism refers to a branch of humanism that is based on exclusively secular principles.

One argument against secular humanism is that it is also a religion, and so should not be supported by the government or textbooks either.Perhaps they do a little good along with making a lot of money from donations.It is clear from the internet that Scientology is a scam and continues to be a scam to make bundles of dough from the faithful. They happen to lie convincingly and for that they are well paid.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

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