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to find tidbits you might not usually find on a rudimentary search using a more generalized search engine.

One interesting thing sets Pipl apart: It offers special services for nonprofits at a steep discount in order to create more ways for these organizations to help their clients.

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Use Linked In to search for professional networks that other people are involved in.

When you add your business profile to the network, you can pick up quite a few details about people.

When a profile is public, it allows anyone who finds it immediate access to a person's posts, photos, check-in statuses and other personal details.

Peek You adds an interesting twist to the world of free people search engines; it allows you to search for usernames across a variety of social networking communities.

If you need to do a little bit of sleuthing about someone, the Web can be a fantastic resource.For instance, if you want to learn more about the person who uses the handle "I-Love-Kittens"; Peek You will show you anything else that username might be doing on the Web.There is an astonishing amount of information you can dig up on someone using only their username.Wink searches across what you would find using a regular search engine as well as across social communities, online profiles, etc.You can also use Wink to manage your online presence by creating a profile with it.

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Depending on privacy settings, you might not be able to see everything that someone on Linked In has provided in their profile.

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