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He is like a strong mountain, keeping her untouched by all problems and society evils.

Though he is suspicious and sometimes passionate to an unhealthy amount but the kind of love and care given by him is far worthier than his grey qualities.

He has a passionate way of loving and protecting his lady love and provides her with the best of the things available in all aspects.

He makes her feel special in a way no other man can make someone feel and also spoils her with lots of pampering, good food and best fragrances available with such a taste of music that makes her tap her toes.

As their eyes meet to reveal all the lovely promises their hearts make to each other, blossomy unison is experienced by these two love birds.

The deep love they feel for each other washes away all the differences making them two persons with loving heart and pure soul that claims for oneness and nothing else!

To Taurus woman, it is highly physical and earthy, and she reaches her heights primarily through her five senses. To him, sex is a metaphysical experience that takes him to a higher spiritual plane.

Both form powerful emotional bonds through their love making, and their physical connection is without a doubt the strength of their relationship.

It is when the extremity and severity of his convictions come to light that she becomes wary.He is a person who has high values and uses his emotional intelligence for good purposes.While he has a reputation for being suspicious and vengeful, these are simply his darker qualities that only come out when he is personally experiencing a bad phase in his life.Even when things go awry outside of the bedroom, their bond behind closed doors make them do their best to work things out.Their love making is a blend of passion and romance which makes them experience the highest form of fulfillment and Oneness!

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Both the Taurus and Scorpio are attracted to the other’s strong personality and willingness to commit.

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