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That however didn't stop us from receiving 30 messages.And the real problem here is not that we got 30 messages but the fact that first of all our profile page didn't have any pictures at all.

Our investigative report asks these questions and much more, you can read our full review below.

Victoria is operating exactly the same as its predecessors.

This list of dating services includes Vctoria and other mail-order Russian bride type services.

It's because we knew something was fishy, these weren't legitamete women contacting us.

The reason we know something isn't on the up and up is because the profile we created for this investigation was null of any pictures and very little personal information.

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  1. Kristen was all set to marry Tony when Marlena's daughter, Belle, disappeared (whom everyone thought was Roman's), and Kristen and John posed as husband and wife to get her back, horrified to learn that the woman trying to get rid of the baby was none other than teenager Sami Brady!