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SCP-2115-1-39 communicated using a device attached near to its anterior end.Procedure: The procedure was the same as the previous experiments.Testing requires the approval of at least one Level 4 personnel.All conversations between instances of SCP-2115-1 and Class-D personnel are to be monitored and documented in Document-2115-38-GH.

Instances of SCP-2115-1 claim to use SCP-2115 for various intentions, mostly in the attempt to pursue a romantic and/or sexual relationship with one or more individuals.

All text within SCP-2115 (including conversations) will be automatically translated in the language the users preferred in the application.

SCP-2115-1 is the designation given to the non-human users of SCP-2115.

Update: As of 201█/██/██, physical contact between Class-D personel and instances of SCP-2115-1 is prohibited.

SCP-2115-1-97-A is to be contained in a Class-A Incubator at Site-98's Biological Wing.

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Class-B amnestics were administered to all the witnesses.

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