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Mendana was followed by missionaries, traders, labour recruiters and colonial administrators from many countries in Europe and Asia.In 1893, the British declared a protectorate over some of the islands in response to the German annexation of others.A rise in nationalist sentiment following WWII eventually led to the country's independence in 1978.World War II and its aftermath had a significant impact on the islands and people.The first official European contact was the sighting by Spanish explorer Mendana in 1568.It is said that he named the country Isle de Solomon after the riches of King Solomon and the biblical land of gold.By 1900 Germany agreed to cede their interests to Britain and the Solomons came entirely under British rule.

Assistance is still given today but with a new focus on community policing and sustainable development.

At dawn on August 7, 1942 the American Navy fired on the island while Marines landed on the beaches.

They caught the Japanese completely by surprise and swarmed ashore.

After many months of constant combat, the Japanese withdrew completely in early 1943.

Following the war, Honiara was made the capital using infrastructure from the war to assist with its development.

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There are a number of different dates and explanations about how the Solomon Islands was first settled.

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