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The necessity to show Aishwarya Rais dances with one song, and showing the Villain dancing destroy the aura with which the film wants to move forward.Such sequences question the very necessity of having songs in film as the screenplay slows down considerably in the first half.Aishwarya Rais performance deserves some appreciation as she tries to bring honesty to Raagini.Their chemistry is worth a dekko as it stumbles from hatred to anger to understanding to some extent a controlled love for each other.Few scenes in which the hero slowly burns a newspaper, and the one in which a woman describes how she was raped show who this film belongs to.The concept of the film has to be appreciated thoroughly as it uses the maximum extent of freedom of questioning that is allowed in India.However few scenes have his mark, and the climax, irrespective of how the content of the film was, is stunning and spot on. Final Point: The film is inspired by 'Ramayana' and uses Raaginis character to ask following mind boggling questions to those who can put their brains to work: While these questions might bother few people, Mani Ratnam takes the safest route of not giving any answers.

Few characters are inspired from Hanuman and Surpanaka too.

What is bad: The first half of the movie meanders slowly, taking cues from the likes of Apocalypso Now, Cinematographer Santosh Sivans Terrorist, RGV's 'Jungle' and Mani Ratnams own Roja.

The dialogues by Sri Ramakrishna dont gel well with the concept of the film, as they sometimes are too vague most often.

The son of actors Sukumaran and Mallika, Prithviraj was first spotted by director Fazil.

Fazil's screen test of Prithviraj prompted director Ranjith to cast him in Nandanam, Prithviraj's first film, a 2002 romantic drama film.

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The acclaimed actress tweeted that she is engaged to Mustafa on Friday in a private function. The "Pranchiyettan and The Saint" actress had first met Mustafa at an IPL game in Bengaluru.

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