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A teenage girl should never be alone with a boy, or be the only girl in the company of multiple boys—this is suspicious behavior and an indicator of inappropriate and likely sexual conduct.

There is a small minority of girls who disregard certain or all sexual and social regulations and risk the consequence.

In addition, while Rubin’s charmed circle of acceptable sex includes “monogamous,” alongside marriage and heterosexuality, the Jewish-Iranian community of Los Angeles turns a blind (or naïve) eye to husband infidelity—while unfaithful wives, like homosexuals, do not exist as alternatives.

It is unclear whether this will largely change in the second-generation.

At the same time, the double-standard among males and females and the impact of American assimilation creates the pre-text for modern dating among the second-generation youth as a contradictory sub-culture of obedience and rebellion.

While daughters are prohibited from early dating and sexual experimentation, boys are encouraged as they are understood to have an untamable sex drive which overrides the previous religious dogma that straps the figurative chastity belt on girls and female adolescents.

Teens, like parents, report behavior to one another, and while dating is acceptable in the youthful sub-culture, sexual behavior still damages the reputation of girls.

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The second-generation, Jewish-Iranian community of Los Angeles, concentrated heavily in the San Fernando Valley and the West Side, serves as the cross-sector of customary Persian tradition and Western influence.

Teenage girls know very well not to hold hands, dance too closely, or kiss boys while parents make rounds.

The strategic and secretive interaction and dating among Jewish-Iranian girls includes a set of “common sense” rules.

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Although second-generation females do go to college and graduate school, marriage and motherhood are still primary goals.

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