Performing artists dating companionship networking

When navigating through the information look out for the projects they have done and the actual number of title deeds issued.

The more a company issues title deeds the better because the success of any real estate company is delivery of title deeds.

· Contact a reputable real estate firm directly The world is now a global village and information is readily available on social media, blogs and websites.

The transfers make the country’s largest source of foreign exchange earnings.

Most of the funds are sent to relatives with real estate, food, education, health consuming the lion’s share.

For further information Please contact: Peris -07738783170, Esther - 07767651081, Moses Mbaa- 07828890520 and Beth Ricky - 07853779256. The CS, who spoke in Nakuru on Tuesday, said the crackdown to weed out the foreigners has been intensified and those found to be working illegally will be deported.

“We cannot continue allowing people who do not have proper documents (work permits) to run businesses and do jobs which Kenyans can do.

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